My thoughts on how we view the world through historical documentation.

When one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong.

Random facts about a random lady.

My daily hair routine and struggle.

A bit of inspiration from my younger self.

Me helping with a typical NYC move.

Returning to New York in the midst of a snow storm!

Starting the New Year off tropically.

My Holiday Extravaganza Bedroom Tour

Current events of the world that have me pondering.

Waking up late is awesome.

Reflecting on the sun setting so early and my recent pop up shop experience.

A few thoughts from me on this holiday season.

Just me checkin myself out!

A brief excursion to Sin City!

Upcoming events in my life!

Trying out a new hairstyle on a gorgeous day in Brooklyn.

A brief video of a trip to Haiti earlier this year.

A freestyle by me!

Running Late, plus a little introspection about availability.

A special guest; my new nephew! 

A special announcement from the woman herself, me!

Productive things to do when you're bored! 

A visit to the Pacific Northwest by Pacific North Bret!

Coming soon to!

A brief intro to the wonderful and calming practice of meditation... guided by Bretony! 

A short video of my trip to upstate NY/NJ during the most beautiful time of the year... fall!

Hello all! My long awaited (by only me probably) international (Canada) travel video! I took a trip up to Niagara Falls for my birthday, and it was simply amazing! Follow me on my adventures...

Hello all! A chilly day on my Brooklyn rooftop, but I will survive! Thank everyone who has been to check out my new website Still in the baby stages, but with all of your support and feedback, it will be the best thing since sliced bread!

A short video of my trip to Columbia. It's not all drugs, violence and prostitutes people! My main goal on trips is to have fun, but I'm gonna try to document more of my experiences when I can! for my full Columbia review

Part 2 of the California adventures that I had. I suppose the state has grown on me a bit, It's hard to deny the beauty of sand and warm weather!

SO I almost DIED deep in the California mountains! Here is my fabulous first hand account... The full story can also be found on my blog Email me if you like!

Collaberation video!  A very spacey New Year featuring me!

NITE-NITE director PATRICK RAFANAN cinematography RENDY MAHARDHIKA art direction LYDIA ORTIZ hairstyling EGYPT BUCK make-up SCOTT ALEXANDER models BRETONY AMBER & CRISTAL JOSHUA props SOYBABY STUDIO location SVA NYC Semester 1 final project for SVA fashion film class. Rough edit only

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