Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bretony!

Hello everyone!  My name is Bretony Amber McGee.  I was born in Detroit, Michigan.  Year?  Unimportant.  What IS important is the fact that from the tender age of 3, I had already adapted to life on film, as my parents would record most of mine and my sisters childhood antics.  I began to dabble in writing, directing, producing, and starring in a number of unreleased family films.  I graduated from Cass Tech High School and then went to Wayne State University to study Psychology  (I didn't graduate, but I decided I was finished).  Bretony.blogspot.com was my first, and most popular blog to date.  It spanned a total of 9 years!  Gettin' By was my first independent video series project, which was well received by the early YouTube community.  

I moved to NYC in 2009 because... I really love NYC!  I mostly love the fact that there are so many different cultures here to explore,  all in one 304.8 square mile piece of land.  

While in NYC I've done a bit of runway/print modeling, and a few very small TV appearances while continuing my Gettin' By web series and blog.  I perform in a number of mediums (including but not limited to; dance, music, oratory, and hosting) around New York and wherever else I end up.  Occasionally, the creative juices will flow and I'll make a few tangible items here and there.  While still enjoying the casual spontaneity of life here in NYC, I travel the world whenever I can and experience everything that pops into my head!  Join me in my random adventures...

P.s.  I heard you aren't supposed to do your bio in first person.  Is this true? Why the heck not?