Not Our First Rodeo


Today is one of those days when I wish I had a few guest bloggers on deck to do a feature for me.  It's not that I don't LOVE to write every single chance I get, but today is hectic!  I'm currently at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport in Texas.  I'm headed back to NYC in a little while, after spending all weekend hanging with my homies!  I still havent quite figured out this whole "out of town blogging" thing just yet.  I'm getting close though (a few days ago, I purchased a keyboard attachment for the ipad I use).  There are still a few kinks involved with not posting from an actual laptop though.  On top of that, I barely have time to do writing while I'm on vacation.  I just have to mentally convince myself that it's a working trip, ya know.  But I end up just trying to hurry and post so I can get back to having fun!  On top of that, today is Halloween!  Anywho, I bet you are wondering why me and my friends chose Dallas of all places.  Super random right?  I suppose I've been on my domestic flow when traveling lately (Detroit, Alabama, Seattle, etc.).  America is beautiful though!  I am a firm believer that you don't need to venture far at all to experience the beauty of traveling. Also, sometimes, it's not as much what you do, or how far you go, but who you are there with.

One day at the beginning of the month (right after I booked my ticket to Seattle), my friend Mickey group texted me, Milly, and Neesh and asked if we all wanted to go to Dallas to see the Eagles vs. Cowboys game.  We all immediatly replied with a unanimous "yes".  Milly and Neesh even booked their tickets that same day!  It's good to have friends who are just as random as you are.  I suppose none of us really cared where we were going, we were just excited to be ANYwhere with each other.  And that's how it should be!   

I've been to Dallas once before as a kid.  My older sister went to SMU and we came to visit her.  It's a pretty fun city from the few days that we were here!  We didn't get a chance to do anything super Texas-y since we were mainly spending time in the house we rented.  We did make it to a few clubs for the Halloween costume parties.  Most people I've met here are pretty friendly too.  Souther hospitality man!  The weather is absolutley perfect.  Like seriously, perfect perfect temperature (I'm actually wearing a swimsuit right now...I suppose I'm in denial about going back to cold NYC).   

Sometimes, especially for a super introverted gal like me, I know that group trips can often turn into madness (I watch a lot of Real Housewives, and it seems like EVERY time these broads go out of town with each other, they are at each others throats).  It is interesting when you put a group of people together in one place.  Luckily, we all understand each others differant personalities for the most part.  Another great thing about us is that we can truly just be our selves without worrying about judgement.  Friendships like that are the absolute best.  I don't understand how people can NOT be themselves around someone they spend so much time with.  Isn't that exhausting??  

I definely always learn alot from being around them.  I've been knowing these people for almost 8 years now!  Hopefully I've rubbed off on them in some sort of way as well (I'm for sure the most hippie of everyone).  We all said that we should start making this an every year thing.  I'm toatlly down for that!  So far this has been our third trip together.  Perhaps next time we can all go out of the country!  Mkay people, I think I'm gonna spend my last moments in Dallas creepily staring at people in the airport bars (people at airports often are traveling alone, so they always get freaked out when people stare at them for too long without saying anything).  But seriously though people, get yourself a good core group of friends and travel the world with them.  Traveling alone can be fun too (which as you may know, I did for my last trip to Vancouver),  however, there is nothing like experiencing and creating memories to last forever.  I heard a statistic somewhere before that people are more likely to be happy by spending money on experiences rather than things.  Happy Halloween folks!  

P.s.  The most Texas-y thing we did was probably the football game.   It was actually my very FIRST football game!  A lot of die hard fans... including Mickey, who yelled and talked mad ish the entire game!  It was very hilarious.  

P.p.s.  No, but seriously though, how are those ladies on Real Housewives even friends?  All they do is argue and talk about each other behind their back!  That must really suck for them. 

P.p.p.s.  I'm wearing my same Halloween costume from this weekend again tonight, so if you see me in the streets, don't call me out!