Tangent Tuesday - September 1, 2015

Today is the very first tangent Tuesday, yay! Tuesday will be for all the stuff I wanna say, spinning off from Monday's Motivation.  I have a lot to say people, and I know some of you don't wanna read all that.... But for those who do? Tangent Tuesday! Welcome!

As far as this not drinking thing goes... Ugh.  I haven't had a drop to drink since last Wednesday night, and let me tell you something y'all, it. Is. Boring!  I'm aware that I don't really NEED alcohol to have fun, but gosh dang darn it I just want to!  I'm not really supposed to be having ice cream either, but ya know what, that'd just be hell on earth ( especially in this heat)!  I was actually in a bar the other day, and I just ordered a water, so I know it's not impossible.  I did get a huge burger with waffle fries instead.  Maybe food will be my alternate to drinking!  But then again, what person at a bar offers a round of burgers as oppose to a round of shots? No one! Which is actually sad because sometimes I really do want food more than a drink.  I suppose I get it though, alcohol will lower your inhibitions, which in turn will probably lower your inhibitions with said person buying the drinks (sleazy guy mentality).  The only thing buying you food will do is probably lower your flatulence control.... Which no one wants.  The next time some random guy offers you alcohol gals, remember it's only because they want some! 

I still haven't hung out in a group setting yet.  Makes me kinda nervous! What if I don't like my friends as much when I'm sober? What if it's awkward!  But worst of all, what if I get annoyed and there is nothing I can do!? I really hope this will open my eyes a bit.  I suppose it's lemonade and Shirley temples for me.  I'll keep you all posted in case I really can't take it and have a shot of jame-o.  Only time will tell!  Man, if I really do make it a whole month, my tolerance is gonna be off the chain!