Big Easy Apple




 Hello everyone! It's me Bretony.  This is officially my first mile high blog.  (I actually had written half of one earlier, but lost it due to the shotty wifi connection 😐).  I'm currently in route back to NYC from beautiful and sunny New Orleans Louisiana, also known as NOLA.  Most people think of Mardi Gras and crawfish when they hear of this city, but the past 2 years, I've been here quite a few times, and I'm starting to love it more and more.

This post won't be too long today because a.) my battery on this iPad is wearing thin! It's a race against time and jankey inflight wifi, and b.) it's probably already so late! (There is a 1 hour time difference here).  Getting right into it... I decided to come to NOLA super last minute.  I'm talking, a few hours before the flight last minute!  Me and Ashleigh really know no other way, but it's fine, we are both luckily very spontaneous people.  Her brother, who I've met a few times, was having a surprise birthday party.  As I said, Ash has invited me out to her home town quite a few times, but I never really got the chance to write about it.  Too bad I didn't take any good photos, but I will show ya some!

So, every time I get off the plane from NYC, Ashleigh usually picks me up and we go get a frozen alcoholic drink of some sort.  New Orleans is so loose with their alcohol policies!  Ashleigh even told me they have 24 hour bars.  This time when I got off the plane, we had to go grocery shopping for some party items... 10am.... The grocery store was having a wine and margarita tasting up in there! And every place will give you a to go cup.  After that, we usually go get something to eat.  Usually some chicken wings to start.  I overheard a conversation that there was a place in the city that sold a 1,000 piece..... We got to her parents house in the West Bank area, and her mom had some AMAZING chicken pasta cooking (she originally had shrimp, but I'm allergic so she made a separate batch.  How sweet! But seriously though, 90% of foods here have shrimp in it, so be careful fellow allergites!)  



The food besides the shrimp here is really tasty.  Lots of spicy spices soaked in delicious buttery goodness.  I went to a place called superior seafood on st. Charles, and they had some BOMB chargrilled oysters that would change your life!  Also, this is really random, but they have this gas station there called Brothers, and they have like, the best fried fish ever! So golden, flakey and tender... At a gas station! Ugh, I love food so much.  

Neither Me or Ashleigh are really the most morning of people, so every time I do come here, we rarely go out during the day to explore, but I will say this, riding down st. Charles and Magazine street, the buildings are so stunning, I couldn't stop starring out the car window like a little kid.  The Spanish/ French influence is so strong!  Every house had its own unique classic charm, from the intricate gates and windows, to the huge wraparound porches and balconies. I could go on and on, but in person is better.   

For the night life, we went to a few touristy spots which, ya know, partying in every city is pretty much the same, however, there are 2 main things that separate New Orleans.  First, if you've never heard bounce music, go google and be prepared to shake that booty NON STOP.  It's a certain type of mix they do to songs to make them extremely danceable.  I very much like it, but it can be kinda hard to dance to sometimes because they mix really slow songs with a much higher tempo.  The second thing is, at some of the places, they have live bands playing (brass bands).  They really get the crowds going.  Nothing quite like live music.  I also believe the live band places were free from time to time.  

Above all of this, the people are actually quite lovely.  Southern hospitality I believe they call it.  I also get a kick out of the way Asheligh reverts to her New Orleans way of talking when she gets down here (I actually think I do the same when I go back to Detroit). It don't mean a thang if it ain't got that twang!

Anywho, hopefully on my next trip there, I will actually go out during the day and see some extra touristy stuff.  Touristy stuff can be good too!  Even though I love traveling, I'm looking forward to being in my bed now.  Standby life is real (flying on a buddy pass means flying standby.  The flight this morning was full, so we had to go back to her house and wait for the late flight), and I feel kinda meh!  Let me know where I should visit next!  I'm still hopefully working on an out of country trip before the year is over...with my broke a**! 




p.s.  Seriously though, if you do go to New Orleans, come with me and Ash! We are guaranteed to have fun.

p.p.s. I'm so glad for this iPad!  I wouldn't have been able to write today if I didn't have it.

p.p.p.s.  Does this mean I'm in the mile high club? No, right? Sigh...