That's Art Boo

      Hello everyone! Daylight savings time was this Saturday, and I swear it always throws people off!  Why can't we just let time be what it is and stop manipulating it?  Time manipulation also makes me think of that one time when I may or may not have had some time altering substance that made it feel like time was moving very very slow.  I set an ice cream bar down on a table, about 30 minutes (it felt like) later, the ice cream still hadn't melted!  Come to find out, less than 5 minutes had passed.  But it seemed like so much had happened!  Also, you know the saying "time flies when you're having fun"?  It really does!  Whenever I'm doing something I love, it's over so soon (the funner it is, the quicker it's over).  Or when I'm running late for something, time seems to be stretched so impeccably thin.  Whenever I'm waiting for something to happen, or waiting for something to be over... forever! It literally takes for-freakin-ever (the more boring something is, the longer it lasts). Time is an illusion people!  When we realize that, things will be a lot less stressful.  
     Also over the weekend, a friend was in NYC from my hometown Michigan.  I never really know where to take people when they are tourists here, but they suggested museums.  Since it was Friday,  I remembered that the MOMA is free on Friday! It's crazy how I haven't been to the MOMA since I moved to NYC.  It takes an out of towner to get me to finally go back.  It's really free every Friday people, if you live in NYC, I suggest you take advantage of the wonderful culture (even though it's SUPER crowded during this time).  

So I'm looking around this place, and it's supposed to be the museum of MODERN art, but they still have a lot of vintage famous Picasso, Monet, Matisse stuff going on up in there.  

I also felt really old when I saw THIS on display...

I still HAVE some of this stuff, and it's on display in a museum -__-

Anywho, amongst all the famous art, there was also an exhibit of super modern art.  Now, ofcourse art is subject-able to all eyes, so I really want to know what everyone thinks about this art in particular:

Yes.  This is art.  That was on display.  In a New York City museum.  For everyone to see. 

 Now....who am I to judge this if someone obviously likes it and is willing to put it on display, right?  
But my question is this, how does a person like this artist convince everyone that this art is one of a kind amazing?  Because, ya know, I kinda feel like I could draw this myself! But there must be something that sets this artist apart.  What was the background story for this?  What was the selling point?  That's what it's REALLY all about people.  Selling our art to the world, whatever kind of art that may be.  There are so many people on this planet trying to do the exact same things we are doing, wether it be art, singing, dancing, acting, modeling...everybody is trying to do these things.  What can we do to convince everyone that OUR art is best?  That is truly the secret of life that I have not quite figured out.  How to make myself a needed household commodity.  Is it all just right place right time?  Is it not what you know, but WHO you know?  I really don't know! I'm sure sometimes you can just straight up work hard and be excellent with real talent.  But there is also a lot of great talent out there doing just that and getting absolutely no where.  I believe the key is to look at consumerism objectively.  What do we as a human race desire? It's kind of a business economy sort of thing when you get down to it.  And yes, just like myself, I know most creatives are anti-business.  I hated my economics class in high school!  However, I think I need to start incorporating some sort of business knowledge into my wayward fairytale land approach.  It can't hurt right?  All the truly successful people in the world also have some sort of business venture associated with their talents.  The best thing to do is learn about it for ourselves.  Hopefully soon I will be able to convince people that my stick figure drawing of the number 23 is worth MILLIONS!

p.s. Seriously though, I took a (depressing looking) selfie in front of a Rothko painting, which is very simplistic in execution, but his stuff sells for literally MILLIONS!

p.p.s.  My brother-in-law, Tony Peters, is actually a VERY good established artist!  He sells art as well, and I get a commission if I refer someone, so go check out his stuff!