Past, Present, and Presents! 

I just love finding old pictures of myself online!  But it also scares me a little bit because I gotta think about all the stuff I've EVER put online, and the fact that it still might be there! Eh well, you only live once... unless you're a cat.  
Also stumbled upon these lowly picture of me as a college student...

tacky version

girls gone wild version

It's always interesting to see how far I've come in life, but I'm still pretty much the same darn person! I found a note on my facebook page from 2009.  It's a list of "facts about myself", and surprisingly, every single thing I said is still true! 

(this is copied and pasted straight from Facebook)

1. I love csi, cold case and law and order!!
2. When I hiccup, I actually say "hiccup"
3. I can't spell, and I don't have good punctuation
4. I like making people laugh, however, I feel most people won't get my sense of humor, so sometimes I just say nothing.
5.I'm not a hater, I'm a tough critic.
6. I'm not anti social, I'd just rather analyze you than talk to you.
7. My book is in the works (and unlike some other people that say "oh I'm writing a book girl!", I really like already have about 20 chapters) 
8. I don't really have a particular laugh
9. I have every genre of music in my ipod
10. I live like I have money but I actually don't Lol
11. I love Conan O Brien's fine self
12. I have grown to be open minded to almost anything
13. I'd rather someone else be happy than me... I feel like I can handle it better
14. I can solve a rubix cube pretty fast
15. I kinda like drama 
16. When I write for a long time, I wear as band-aid on my middle finger 
17. I almost always correct people when they refer to Native Americans as Indian.
18. My goal is to help as many people in the world as possible. I don't care about being super rich.
19. I use to wanna name my son Ankst Fitzgerald
20. I get irritated a lot
21. Life is beautiful
22. I have a nail fetish
23. There is a plan for me
24. I like saying stuff about me! (I'm sure we all do tho, everyone is so into themselves)

     Also, if you couldn't tell by now, another thing about me is that I LOVE making lists! 

 I have been doing this blog since 2006.  Before I started this blog, I ALWAYS had some sort of journal (no, not a diary!... ok fine, maybe it was a diary).  I've been writing literally ever since I can remember.  One time I had a journal for my prime high school years.  You know the years where you start exploring any and everything?  My sisters had stumbled upon this masterpiece, which I thought was locked btw,  and took it upon themselves to highlight all of the interesting parts...and then proceeded to show my mom!  She questioned me about certain questionable things.  Blah.  I stuck to my guns and stood behind everything I said under my first amendment rights.  I feel like a diary should only be read when shared by the author, ya know?  Anywho, now I just write this blog for all to see.  Not even sure when I started sharing it so publicly.  It use to just be for me to get out secret frustrations and ramblings in my life.  If you ever have the time to go back through the archives of this thing, it gets deep!  I've since tried to make it more user friendly! 
     I love looking back at the past and remembering all of the things that have made me what I am today.  All of the choices that have lead of up to this exact moment.  Wether they were good or bad choices, they were my own, I can't change them, and here I am today because of them.  I use to look back and regret SOOOO many things.  I use to regret where I grew up, my living situation, sometimes my family.  In the moment, it can be tough, I know.  But everything passes people!  Then you look back on it and realize how far you've come.  It's great!  It's also good to see that actually, no matter how much we change and grow...we are still that same person at the core.  Unless ofcourse you just did a complete personality 360.  Which some people do!  A few of our interests may tweek a bit though... like apparently I wanted to be a firefighter when I grew up (according to my big sister).  Maybe I just wanted to help people (or maybe I was a pyromaniac...which makes sense because fire still kinda intrigues me).  It just interesting to look back!
     I recently saw a post on someone's instagram that was....well... it was this...

I just had to laugh at this.  I felt like this too!  Little did I know, these were my golden years, and I was missing them all!  All because I was worried about the future and wether or not I was accomplishing all of my goals.  Even now I feel like that sometimes, I admit!  But I'm sure there is some 60 year old woman somewhere laughing her hiney off at me too!  The present is just that, a present!  A wonderful gift that we have been given today.  We shouldn't be worried so much about what might be, because we are missing what IS.  I sound like such a Buddhist! Anywho, today's blog post is short because it's getting warmer outside and I have to go live in the present for a while!  Keep me updated on your projects everybody!  I need some new adventures to get into....

p.s. I lost my old diary when I had to move from place to place back when I lived in what I wouldn't give to read THAT thing!

p.p.s.   Another present for ice cream at Dairy Queen today! You're welcome! (sorry vegans, no ice cream for you.  But Rita's will be giving away Italian ice on the first day of're welcome!)