Kardashians, Kollege, and Kan't the rent be cheaper??

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! And happy Spring!  Speaking of Spring, where the hell is this warm weather supposed to be?  I'm still freezing my balls off.  I think I need another excursion.  Since I can write from anywhere, my office can technically BE anywhere right?  Home base is always NYC, but gosh darn-it, I need some warmth!  (and I know when the sweltering warmth finally comes, I'll be begging for a cool breeze... oh such is life!)

Anywho, speaking of current events.... I'm not really one for much celebrity gossip, especially the Kardashian kind, but I recently read about the youngest daughter, who isn't even 18, buying a nearly 3 million dollar home.  Now, ofcourse there is some natural innate jealousy, but more prominently, curiosity!  What the heck does this girl even do??  I barely know what the rest of the family does, but how in the world can a 17 year old afford a 3 million dollar house?  I decided to look into it, and basically, they all do a bunch of random everything (and at the same time, random nothing), that I guess somehow adds up to millions of dollars for each of them?  I suppose they get paid for being on the reality show... and then there are endorsements I guess.  Then there are a bunch of other random things you can do like have a clothing line, a make up line, a hair product line, a game on itunes, appearances and hosting, a book deal, and miscellaneous modeling jobs.  But these people aren't basketball players or singers, or anything really!  They just all look extremely decent with lots of makeup, styling and (supposed) non surgical enhancement procedures.  I will give it to them though, they sure knew how to bust wide through that door that Kim's foot wedged open.  I know a few Kardashian lovers who have the never old argument of  "They're making money, and looking fabulous so why are you hating on that?"  Because I really wanna know how it all got to this point America!  The uneven distribution of wealth!

I know I have mentioned a few of my projects that I would like to work on this summer, including my documentaries about American college being ridiculously over priced, as well as NYC rent being ridiculously over priced for current residents, and today, I will discuss a little bit about why I feel the way I do.

Sometimes things in this world just don't make any sense at all, and it seems like everyone just goes with the flow so much that we forget to question and analyze why things are the way they are.  We are raised to go to elementary, middle school, high school, and college.  Everyone tells us college is expensive so we need to save up or get a bull crap scholarship, but nobody tells us why the f*** it's so expensive!  Who does all this money go to?  Also, most "real world" jobs make it so that college degrees are REQUIRED, so if you don't fork over all the doe, you're screwed!  Who invented this system??  But it doesn't end there if you live in NYC... every single year since I've been here, rent has went up tremendously for me personally.  And I hear many horror stories of people who have lived here much longer, and are always in fear of having to move because rent will suddenly increase to an inexplicable amount.   People should not live in fear!  I have been homeless quite a few times, and it is not pretty.  I know the city would just love it if all the people who couldn't afford the ridiculous rent prices would move as far out as possible so that they can charge the NYC hopefuls whatever the highest bidders offer, but come one now, you can't just drive people out of their HOMES.  Especially the ones who have been here for years working for these rich bastards in Manhattan.  At this rate, the lower class will have to be shipped in from 3 or 4 hours away just so you precious Manhattanites can have someone to serve you coffee in the morning!

All of this is truly something that I feel needs to be exposed to the nation.  And I also believe there are things we can tangibly do.  The rich won't like it, but if enough of us poor people get together, we really do out number them.  Hopefully my documentaries will bring so many things to light in order to spread this "wealth" around a bit so everyone can have a better chance at a quality life.  The thing is, I really have to do a lot of research....because if you know me, I HATE being wrong (which I never really am).  I think about everything that I say and write, and make sure I know it to be the absolute TRUTH.  So that is why even in my disgust, I must research to the fullest to know all of the facts.  From both sides.  And that is one of the hardest things, trust me.  If anyone wants to help me research or work on my documentaries with me, please email me!  We should not have to live in a world where a 17 year old who sells nail polish and hair extensions lives in a 3 million dollar house, and families of 8 live in a 1 room basement apartment -______-



p.s.  I can think of one solution right now that would solve this, (but nobody would ever go for it lol):  Take everyone's money away and give every human a cool million to start off with as a starting point.  Just like in the game of LIFE where they give every player $200 to start.  After that, spend it how you want! But atleast we were all even in the beginning.

p.p.s Don't forget it's tax season!  Have you given a third of your income to the Feds yet? (I'm doing it online right now -____-)