A Problem Free Philosophy

Buen dia todo el mundo!  Happy Monday to all!  This week's blog will not be about any problems in the world or anything heavy that we should be reflecting on within ourselves.  This week is all about clearing your mind from everything stressful and just focusing on positivity.  Which is very hard, I know!  People who know me, may sometimes look at me as naive even because I choose not to let all of the sadness of the world get into my soul.  That does not mean that I don't know it exists, but do I really have to think about it ALL the darn time?  The news is the news.  It's what's going on in the world.  But all they ever seem to talk about is negativity.  We can't live like this! If all we see is violence, destruction, and the evilness of the world, then that is all we will ever know.  I feel as though it's good to incorporate a bit of naivety in our lives from time to time.  It is very therapeutic.

I've only done yoga a few times in my life (and I always seem to either crack up laughing because of the silence and awkwardness, or my mind is racing looking around the room at everyone).  But I think yoga helps people forget about all of their problems for one measly little hour of the day.  It's great!  You're trapped in a room of silence with a bunch of sweaty strangers listening to some low, trancey music (although one time, the instructor's ipod played "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea, I think by accident).  Everyone is in their own space, in their own mind.  You flow through some random poses, which you can do at your own speed and discretion, and you breathe a lot.  It's pretty good for some people.  Also riding bikes or running helps people to give up the thoughts in their mind.  It's truly good for you to purge your brain every once in a while.  Just be positive!

One thing that always keeps me in a very good place?  Going out of town!  It has recently become one of my absolute favorite things to do.  This weekend, I had the pleasure of joining Ashleigh for her birthday trip to beautiful Cartagena Columbia (Yea, I've never heard of that place before either).  Now I know that some people associate Columbia with drug cartels, cocaine, and violence, but it was actually a very beautiful place!  Actually, me and Ashleigh have visited a lot of "3rd world" countries,  but I found every single one of them extremely beautiful.  I want to start documenting more of my travels, so now I will give my review of the one and only Cartagena Columbia:

20 american dollars = about 50,000 pesos

 So, the weather in Cartagena was absolutely freaking, kick me in the crotch and call me Susan, PERFECT! I mean, it really couldn't get any better.  The temperature was literally 90 the whole time, which I know sounds sweltering, but the city is on the coastline of the Caribbean Sea, so there was always a tolerable breeze.  PERFECTO!  The water on the beaches was the temperature of a luke warm bath tub.  Amazing.  However, when you do go the beach, there are many people trying to sell you everything under the sun.  Which is fine, I live in New York, I'm use to that, but these people will actually give it to you first, let you have it, make it seem like you need or want it...let you eat it, start massaging you WITH lotion, and THEN charge you for it later.  Even if you do say no!  The best thing to do is be very firm and do NOT accept anything from these people, or you will end up with no money.

Going to a Spanish speaking country and not speaking Spanish is also sort of difficult, but when you actually get there, you realize you know more Spanish than you thought!  Once you surround yourself in the language, you start to see similarities to English.  Also, a lot of hand gesturing and charades will help give examples of what you are trying to say.  There are ways to communicate with people without speaking the same language.  I mean hey, there is often miscommunication when people DO speak the same language!

The Walled City (A part of the city behind this huge wall)

The nightlife in Cartagena is so fun (if you love to dance that is).  Our first night there, we cleared the dance floor.  If Spanish music doesn't make you wanna shake that booty just a little bit, there just might be something wrong with your booty.  The beer of choice there is Aguila, so I suppose try that, but we mostly stuck to tequila.  During the day, besides the beaches, there are MORE beaches on the island of Tierra Bomba.  It's about 20 minutes from Boca Grande by boat, and you also get free lunch and a cabana included with your round trip boat ride ticket.  It was probably the best deal day trip


Very festive taxi

Boat ride to Tierra Bomba

The rest of the trip is going to stay in my journal, but just know it was overall awesome!  When traveling outside of the country, you have to be careful in any regard, but you have to do the same where you live as well.  Don't be TOO naive.  But this world also has so much positivity that is greatly overshadowed by the negative.  There are times when we really do just have to forget the negative completely in order to have any sort of sanity.  In order to sleep at night!  Just because I had such a great time in all the supposed touristy spots, does NOT mean that I don't know there is poverty, corruption, and violence there also, but we should absolutely appreciate the beauty sometimes ya know?  In fighting for a better world, a better tomorrow,  let's not miss out on everything that we are trying to preserve.  Even being back in this snowy ice world known as NYC today, I can see the positivity...may even build me a little snow man!  Remember how when we were kids and snow-days were a GOOD thing?  We didn't even think about the coldness! I don't even recall BEING cold as a kid, I was just having too much fun.

Anywho people, even if you can't make it to Cartagena today, go out and be positive.  Forget all of your problems for a while and go get yourself a cheesecake.  Eat it all yourself!  Smile at a stranger! Do a cartwheel! Twerk in the mirror!  Don't let the sadness of the world keep you in a constant state of sadness too.  

Think happy thoughts and you will fly

- Peter Pan


Also, check out the video I did in Cartagena

I've had this swim suit since 7th grade!

P.s.  Even though I got a little sunburned, I got a little tan too, so yay!


p.p.s.  If you would LOVE to travel, but don't love spending a lot of money, I highly suggest being a flight attendant.  Even part time will get you ALL of the benefits.  The only reason I'm not one is because I still get kinda nervous being up in the air sometimes...  Happy travels!

P.p.p.s  My jam there the whole time was "Bailando" by Enrique Iglesias, which I shouted randomly throughout the day.  (and listening too right now while typing this blog...)