Sex Sells....Oh Wells...

Hey everyone! Happy Monday.  I'm back in cold New York.  Blah.  I'm usually excited about returning home from trips, but this time it was just like...ugh, this weather! Meh... I'm back nonetheless.  My next trip is a surprise, but spoiler alert, it's out of the country, so stay tuned!

I honestly don't know how I continue the facade of a person that has it all together.  I still don't have a real job!  But hey, that was my resolution, and I'm sticking to it so far.  I STILL don't know how tis will ultimately make me sustainable income though.  On top of that, ideas for new ventures keep racing around in my head!  Am I just an idea (wo)man??  There is a formula, I just have to keep working at figuring it out.  I think I'm getting close.  Atleast I hope so.  Oh life! You and your complexity.

In my new found exploration into the world of lucrative marketing and branding for the Bretony Productions Incorporation,  I began to rediscover (and re-shun) something that I subconsciously knew for quite some time now...


I mean duh, we all know this.  But have we ever just sat down and though about why? how? Let's analyze this a little bit: When I say "sex" sells, I'm not just talking about the birds and the bees, it's much more broader that we actually think.  "Sex" can be as simple as a pouty lipped selfie.  Anything that a person can look at and say "I'd hit that"! And it is sellin' baby.  Selling faster and better than any other thing I've ever seen.  Are we as a society just always thinking about sex?? Is that all that's on our minds??  It has really begun to take over almost every aspect of our lives don't you think? Even something as simple as a fast food commercial will have an overwhelming undertone of sexuality.  Does nothing seem to sell itself anymore?  Must we include that one factor of everyone's existence that has become a charade of sorts?

In saying all of this, I'm no prude. Believe you me!  I love debauchery just as much as the next guy. Perhaps one day I may even elaborate (but my family reads this blog! (or do you??)).  I just really would like to know if there is any other way to "sell" without having to sex it up so gosh darn much.  Why does everything have to be sexy!? It kinda drives me a little nuts I suppose.  I've even tested it out myself:  whenever I post bland pictures about my blog, something not too racy, or words, or links, there is hardly no action at all.  It goes unnoticed in the instaverse.   Last week, I decided to post a racier picture to go along with some promotions.  A big hit!  It's nice to be lusted over in a sense I suppose, but I'd much rather people read what I write.  I have to rope them in somehow eh?

The only 3 other things slightly compare to the selling of sex;  the selling of TRUE talent,  the selling of mockery, and the selling of the super outlandish.  I guess if I'm not any of these things, I'm chopped liver?  (sidenote: what's so darn bad about chopped liver? I've never had it.  Maybe I should try it since I'm always comparing it to stuff)

As women, we like to look pretty and be attractive to others.  It's in our innate genetics to exude certain sexual seductions towards those we want to attract and mate with.  It's science people! I just wanna know when it became a requirement for success.  This next statement may depict me as a bit of a feminist (don't really think I am), but why don't men have to do this??  Why do us women put so much effort into attracting the attention of these creatures when all they do is roll outta bed makeup-less with all the confidence in the world?  It ain't right, but we kinda did it to ourselves.  We talk about women who don't have the "fleekest" brows or the smoothest skin, or who don't wear the sheerest most low cut ensemble they can find.  We did this to ourselves people!  Now we are all in some unspoken competition of sexiness.  I just can't win that I'm sorry.  I suppose if I stick to the other 3 sellers, and maybe a touch of sex, everything will be alright.  But I can't let it take over the main points i'm trying to get across.

Point of the story:  Sure, have a little sex! But don't let it overshadow what's really inside people.

p.s. The Sia performance at the Grammy's was probably my favorite, and the artist didn't even show her face!  I've heard rumors that Sia doesn't really like her face.  Which is a darn shame because her face is awesome!  But in a society with all of this needless overt sexual hierarchy, I commend her sticking to what matters most... the actual music!

p.p.s after looking up what chopped liver is...gross.  I don't think I wanna try it anymore :/

*photo by @cjid*