Oh Pretty Please, Like Me and Everything I Do!

Hello everyone.  Monday again already?  Time is really really flying for some reason.  My week actually began with time standing completely STILL, but that is another story for another day...ha!  I think it's really great that I STILL have done this blog every single Monday without fail for so long!  I'm really proud of myself for this small accomplishment, and I know that it will be great to look back on and reflect.  One of my favorite things to do is read my old writings and see how I've grown so much!  Thank all of you again for reading my ramblings and giving me support and feedback.

SO yesterday was the Oscars, and since I have to draw writing inspiration from somewhere, might as well be something that is fresh in people's minds.  I watched it, yes.  My overall thoughts?  My uninfluenced thoughts? Everybody looked really nice, and they made me feel like I need to go and get my hair done.  Strangely enough, last night I infact DID have a dream that I got my hair done! (It was short and blonde)....(also in my dream, they added a few more episodes of "Friends" and they made Joey's character gay!  Maybe I should stop watching friends before I fall asleep...darn you Netflix!)
Anywho, I watched the Oscars like I watch everything else, passively.  It's a show people!  Some however, get very upset about the particular people that win....just like the Grammy's last week!  This leads me into my topic of discussion for today:  People pleasing!

After I posted my blog last Monday, I do a bit of online promoting for it.  Very normal.  Now, I've been disagreed with in the past, who hasn't, so I'm used to debating about the content of my blog.  I found out that one of my long time friends, had quite a few things to say about my recent blog posts! That they never told me about before mind you....  In order not to misconstrue any verbiage, I will quote directly from text:  "A lot of what you write seems judgmental. Or even bitter.  Sometimes I wonder if you could ever really be happy for someone else...."
Hmm.  Well, if that's what some think, I suppose I just have to live with that.  I know what I write and exactly what I mean by everything that I say.  It all makes sense to me.  And the FIRST person I always write for is definitely my darn skippy.   But terrible feedback is good too sometimes I suppose.  If it doesn't make people feel ANYTHING, then that's a problem.  I've learned in my 20 something years that you just really CAN'T please everyone.  Ofcourse we may try.  Oh how we try.  It's exhausting really!  But at the end of the day, some people will just never be happy with certain things.

And that's what makes the world such a delightful place!  Try to think of a drama free world.  Would you wanna live in that?  Controversy is what we thrive on.  Drama is something that fuels our human soul!  I really don't think society would be able to function without it.

Everyday I live, and the older I get, I realize more and more that I just need to live my dang on life. (Well duh, I mean there's nothing else I can really do)  But like, live my life in such a way where I don't feel the need to please everyone, because it will never happen.  What do people even want?? What does anyone want!  We are darned if we do, darned if we don't.  We can admire those who show a lot of skin as being confident, but we can also say that they are too risque'.   The rich can hate the president for raising taxes, while people below the poverty line rejoice.  People may talk about certain issues in the world, but are criticized for not bringing up OTHER issues in the world.  Everything we do is judged, broken down, overanalyzed, and dissected in every possible way.  I just have to be strong in all of my convictions and stand up for the things that I do actually believe in when questioned.  

Mild people pleasing is ok sometimes, I mean, don't be a rude prick.  Use discretion! Everybody people pleases to a degree.  It is a nice thing to feel liked by your peers.  But at the end of the day, there will always be someone who doesn't like what you are doing or saying.  We can't take this to heart!  It's OUR life ya know?  The only person we should be concerned with pleasing is ourselves.  If you can look at yourself and all the things that you do proudly, who cares what others will say?  Your life is truly about YOU.  Don't let my supposed "judgmental, bitter" blog or anyone else tell you how to live.  I try to provoke thought in everyone so that we can look at both sides of situations.  I know that some will think different from me, and that's fine!  I would love to hear feedback countering everything I say and do, really I would, all that I ask is that you THINK of where I am coming from.

If we all understood each other just a little bit better,  then we could possibly start fixing all the problems of the world. So.....what do you people want??

p.s. I am COMPLETELY ashamed to admit that I have seen absolutely NONE of the movies nominated at the Oscars this year.  Not any!

p.p.s  Paris Hilton isn't really a person I quote from a lot, but there is a quote by her that I really like: "Always tell everyone what they want to hear. Then do what you want."  
 People pleasing 101!

P.p.p.s Oh who the heck am I kidding, I love Paris Hilton quotes!