It's all about ME

Happy 2 days after Valentines Day/ President's Day everyone! I KNOW a lot of you are off work today, so you should be reading this dang blog right now! (Which you obviously are if you just read that...sorry for yelling, I gotta work on that!)

New York is really freezing right now.  Like, I'm freezing my balls off man.  I feel like I'm in the freakin' Siberian tundra when I go outside!  I guess it's a good time to think about the sweltering summer that lie ahead; no air conditioning and hot sweaty subway stations with sweaty people pressed up against you, ever so slightly... Ok, now I feel a little bit better!

Speaking of subways, I'm not sure how many people actually live in New York read this, but I've been wanting to rant about the subways for the LONGEST of times.  Perhaps this is a good time? Yes? OK, great.

1.  When I see someone BLATANTLY litter, like right in front of my face, it makes me want to very delicately pick up the trash and shove it down their pathetic smug throat until they choke.  Why not just hold it until you get off??  You held it before you got on dammit! Have you no respect for the people coming on to sit?

2.  When I see a train getting a bit crowded and some a-hole is taking up 2 seats, like they have 2 butts or something.  Move your sh*t hoe! Has your BAG been at work all day?  Walked miles around the city in uncomfortable shoes? Does it have have painful cramps??  Ugh... honestly.

3.  When muther f*ckers don't move out of the way to let you off before they get on.  How the HELL do you think you're getting on this train if I can't even get off of it?  Ever heard of The Zax??  I'll stand here forever b*tch.  Neither of us will go anywhere for YEARS.

Just a very few of the inconsiderations in humanity that I really can't stand to be in the midst of.  Why are people so selfish?  Why do we only see the things WE are doing or what WE are involved in?
In a post titled "It's all about ME",  I find it only fitting to talk about the super into himself,  Kanye West.  Ugh.  So last week was the Grammy's right?  I'm watching Beck win an award over precious soul Beyonce, and then this fool get's up like he's gonna interrupt somebody's moment again.  I laughed, yes.  It caught me off guard, but I'm just glad he didn't go through with that! How...freakin...rude!  Man, if only I was Beck.  Somebody needs to call this guy out on National television.  Knock his ego down a few pegs.  He then went on to explain in an after interview how he actually really felt that Beyonce should have won over Beck, in his heart of hearts.  There is more to life than Beyonce people!  Just because I personally haven't ever heard the album that won, doesn't mean I will downplay it as nothing.  Most people only look at what is right in your face.  We forget that the world is a huge place where we all coexist.  Why should we limit ourselves to just one artist and hail them as Queen?  Peg them as the second coming of Christ?  Shun all other music that isn't what we are use to?  How selfish can we be!

I especially think this is a huge American problem.  I'm really not sure how other countries roll to tell you the truth,  but I do know from personal experience, that I am not really familiar with non-American cultures.  How many of you speak more than one language?  People from other countries that I've met speak like...a million! Americans can be very self involved, often becoming ignorant to life outside of our America shaped box.  Why don't we want to learn about all of the things this worlds has to offer?  Why don't we explore things we aren't so familiar with?  I too am guilty, don't get me wrong.  I suppose it's the way we were raised.  We have a certain heir that gives us the illusion of being better.  We are all humans.  Let's try not to be so into ourselves.  Let's try not to be so Kanye.  In my lifetime,  I want to learn as much as I possibly can and experience everything I can possibly experience.  I want to walk in someone else's shoes to see where they are coming from.  That's one reason why I love psychology so much.  I can learn the inner workings of the brain.  Basically, I just don't want to be so stuck in my ways...too concerned with only myself.  There are other things that matter.  (Like black lives... and all lives!)
If we could just take the time, just a little time, out of our day to be a bit more selfless, everyone could get along just a little bit better.

But yall don't hear me though!

p.s. Thank you all for the comments that you leave on my blog! I read them all.  I respond more to emails, but I definitely read everything.  And I also would like to know projects that everyone is involved with.  (Perhaps I can incorporate... it's all about networking!)

p.p.s I would also like to very delicately pick up trash and shove it down Kanye's pathetic smug throat until he choke's.