From Bre to shining Bre

Hello everyone! It's me Bretony again, I hope you aren't sick of me yet! I know most of my east coast readers have been getting a lot of snow and ice, so I really can't think of any excuse as to why more people aren't reading this gosh darn thing.  What the heck else are you doing??  No really, let me know  (The only promotion for myself I know is apparently the forceful inquisition kind).  Some of you who follow my social media may know that I have been in Los Angeles since last week.  The weather here is considerably warmer, so I can't really complain too much.  There use to be a time when I didn't really like L.A., but I suppose it has been growing on me over the years.  I mean, I've been here probably 5 or 6 times in the past 3 years!  Besides all the hipsters and liposuctioners, the scenery is really really beautiful.  Like REALLY beautiful.  I find myself wanting to take pictures every 5 seconds out the car window.  Every time I travel outside of New York, I always ask myself if I could see myself living in the place I am.  As far as California, you sort of need a car.  I don't technically have a license, so I'm not sure how useful I would be to myself.  Maybe I'm just meant to be a constant world traveler.  I'm still looking for that hotel critic job if anybody has the hook up.

But seriously though, I mean, since I have no "job" per-say anymore, what's really holding me back from staying out here a bit?  I can do blogs and videos from anywhere in the world that has a wifi connection! That's why I love my new non job!  I don't even really have an apartment obligation either...I went month to month with my landlord on Christmas.  I could totally just up and move! I haven't even bought my return ticket to NYC yet because I just don't even know guys and gals.  Sometimes when your life isn't changing enough on it's own, you have to make the change yourself...

Which leads me to a crazy story of something very dramatic (of which I'm probably over dramatizing) that happened to me when I got to LA last week. The story sort of relates to one of my favorite quotes of all time (and I have a lot of gosh darn quotes, so this one MUST be the most important one).  Anywho!!

So Wednesday,  I was tempted up in to the mountains... deep, deep in the San Bernardino mountains.  Supposedly there were some natural hot springs that ran through a hidden trail, which would be about a 45 minute hike...which we would get to after about a 2 hour drive up winding roads and mountain towns.  Surreeeee I say.  I'm adventurous, right?  I don't really have a real pair of sneakers, but I wore a pair of converse.  Don't really have hiking gear either, but I wore a long dress and some leggings (I know, I know).  So we get to the beginning of the trail.  It looks normal enough, but apparently this hike is meant to keep most people away from finding the hot springs.  They are trying to keep it secluded I suppose.  I get about 5 minutes into the trail and to my horrid surprise, the trail has now become a sliver of dirt wrapped around a mountain top, leading on for about 2 miles into the distance.  Mind you, it is about 3:30 and the sun goes down about 5:15 these days.  We have no flashlights except for our phones, so the clock was ticking!  I walked at a pretty timid pace for a while.  Clutching my belongings and clinging to the side of the mountain.  One false move and BAM, I'd be sliding down.  We get to a fork in the trail.  Ahhh forks.  I remember a time when you were used early for eating my favorite foods!  One path of the fork, we read in an online map to the hot springs, would be a shorter distance, but a little more treacherous.  Ofcourse we decide to take that one due to the sunlight.  I shimmy down loose dirt and under whistled bushes for about 15 minutes until we are now at the bottom of the mountain with a shallow trail of green water running through huge rocks and boulders.  The sun has now dipped down behind the mountain tops. I begin to nervously and psychotically laugh at the situation.  What the heck are we supposed to do now??  I begin to lose hope and start mentally preparing in case we are stuck and have to sleep in the mountain valley until day light.  We decided to try and find the ACTUAL trail again.  There is no trail, or human life, in sight!  We start to climb back up the mountain in a different spot.  This spot is MUCH steeper.  Like almost a 90 degree angle! The dirt was lose and sometimes gave way to my pathetic converse.  There was a point as I was half way up the mountain where I looked around and freaked out.  I was dangling from the branch of a scrawny bush, my feet swaying to and fro.  It was getting dark.  I hadn't been on parallel land in almost an hour and a half!  Who does this??? A miracle happens.  We hear voices.  Two young boys.  We call out for help.  They hear us! They come down to rescue us poor gals.  One of the boys literally had to pull me up from a twig which was about to break and plummet me to my death!  Ugh,  I'm really not sure where I got the strength to climb up the side of that thing with my bare hands and feet, but I finally made it to the top...and then we found our way back to the trail.  The boys lead us out JUSTTTTT before it was completely pitch black outside.  I'm telling you when I got to that car, I was kissing the pavement! I couldn't believe I wasn't still at the bottom of the ravine rationing out cap fulls of water!

  I shall be telling this with a sigh
                           Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and Iā€”
                          I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
                              - Robert Frost

Man I'm telling YOU,  if there was ever a time when I wish I would've taken an already pioneered road, it was this!  But in retrospect,  it was a great experience.  I would've had nothing to show for myself if I would've taken that cookie cutter road that everyone else had.  It's really not about going a way that you think is the less popular way however.  You have to read a little deeper into the message.  All roads really lead to Rome.  I'm sure both paths would have given me some sort of story, ya know?  But just that initial decision to take one way over the other is what makes all the difference in our own individual lives.  Don't think too much about the actual path, but focus more on the journey.  Everything in life will always be a choice: New york or LA, Pepsi or Cola, stay on the trail or go off the beaten path (which will perhaps plummet me to my death)....all choices! But life is life, live it for you and be happy with the choices you've made.  Because you really can't undo them.  You can't unshimmy and undangle!

Anywho, back to this beautiful weather.  I will talk to you all next week!  Also, stay tuned for the VIDEO of the life or death experience, which I will put out this week.

p.s. If you want to read the full poem...

p.p.s We never found the hot springs -____-

                                                                  Hopefull hiker!

                                                                    Happy trails!

                                                                 Getting worried...

                                                                    Wait what?