Falling in love.... better hope somebody catches you! Pt. 1

Hello good and faithful readers of my beautiful faithful blog!  Thank you for joining me again on another beautiful Monday morning/afternoon/evening/night (eh, who the heck and I kidding... this DARN sure will NEVER come out in the morning EVER).

For this week's blog topic I've taken to Facebook to get some fresh new ideas.  To my dismay, the only people who responded to my status were the same people who always respond! I would like to give a huge thanks to Danielle and Christian for keeping up and helping me with the input and suggestions.  Thank you guys!  The rest of you guys can suck it.  Because what good is having all these "Friends", "follower", "subscribers", if nobody gives a darn enough to even watch or read!  I've been thinking of ways to expand the views of my blog and overall internet persona, and I've decided that, probably the most immediately effective, yet eminently tedious, thing to do is to individually ask/TELL people.  I know, I know, I don't really like forcing people to read my stuff.  I also really hate spamming.  But gosh darn-it, this world has made it so hard for anything by anyone to be seen by anyone else.  With all of the articles, videos, vines, all this crap that just links to more and more crap, how the hell is anyone supposed to find anything worth anything??  I need to bring in people directly, keep getting emails for my email lists, and eventually, people will start telling other on their own, and so forth and so forth, until finally that one SUPER important person will see it and influence all of THEIR followers to read...then I'll finally be in business right?  It's all about the personal time we invest in people that will keep them coming back for more.  At the end of the day, people are kinda selfish.  We really are!  If someone isn't doing anything for us, we feel like, why the heck should we do anything for them? Here is where the tedious part comes in... I'm gonna have to start being more involved in all of MY online friend's endeavors too.  So that way, we will all help each other out! We will all WANT to help each other out! We can scratch each others back so that we will all be able to accomplish our goals.   The people won't engage unless we first engage.

It's kinda like close encounters of the 3rd kind up in here! Nobody want's to extend the first olive branch, but once we do... it all works out! (Actually I've never seen the movie, but based on deductive reasoning, I'm pretty sure that it more than likely maybe sorta went that way?)

It's just all about the relationships we build people.  And speaking of relationships, my readers have suggested I talk about relationships and crushes! (How'd you like that segue, huh?)
Basically crushes are a fun little thing we have to get us through the day.  I usually have them at work! The great thing about crushes vs. actual relationships is that you can have so many hassle free crushes and it's all good.  You can crush on whoever you like!  Most of the time, the other person doesn't even have to know (and my crushes usually never do).  It's fun because you can flirt all you want with no let down.  It really does make a work day go by so much faster when you have something nice to look at and imagine caressing.  The thing is though, what happens when the crush starts to consume your thoughts and impede your daydreams?  THEN we have a problem!  You have to decided if you are actually gonna do something about it and begin the downward spiral know as "a relationship", or will you keep it light and imaginative?  I read a random quote on the internet a while ago that said "any crush that lasts longer than 3 or 4 months is considered to be love"... that always tickled me.  So I suppose wait 4 months to decide what you wanna do about it.  But remember!  If you reveal your crush, it COULD be all downhill from there.  But then again, this is life! We are supposed to have fun with it and try new things, and people! If one crush doesn't work out, there are 7 billion damn people in this world!

Part 2 next week, I will talk about what happens AFTER the crush, and reveal my relationship status! So stay tuned!!

p.s.  One thing I have a question about... when is the right time to let a seemingly into you friend know that you are infact already in a relationship?? I mean, you don't wanna be so quick to think that everyone is always into you, but then again, duh, most of the time they are! And if it never comes up in casual conversation, what do you do? Just plain ole say "Hey, you know I'm dating someone right?" Just seems presumptuous!

p.p.s Man, anything relationship related is always a super long blog post!

p.p.s. If you have something good you are working on or doing, let me know! Duh, I can spread the word in my weekly email!