Falling in love Pt. 2

How is everyone doing this bright and beautiful evening! What a lovely day to be alive.  Positivity is pretty much the best motivation I can give at this time of the year.  Hang in there everyone, the year is just beginning.  So, in trying to maintain my continuity, I will pick up from sort of where my last blog has left off....

So after the crush phase, the fictitious romance you’ve created in your head will either flourish into a mutual crush, or fizzle into unrecognized oblivion until you get over it.  If it’s fizzling like a soda pop, I mean, what can I say, crushes come and go.  My PERSONAL motto on the matter is pretty much, I don’t want anybody who doesn’t want me (because I mean honestly…hello?? I’m amazing!)  but then again I can also understand the wanting what you seemingly can’t have aspect.  Anywho! I suppose I will go into what happens next if you find out that the feeling is in fact mutual:  Relationships!  Ahh, wonderful, gut wrenching, terribly misconstruable, but sometimes plain beautiful…relationships! Actually scratch that, there is dating first I suppose.  The reason why I almost completely glossed over it is because some people actually completely gloss over it!  That’s right, one huge problem that relationships have is the fact that it can happen too dang fast! People will rush into something because they want some erroneous title for whatever the heck it is that they are doing with another individual.  We as people are SOOO much more comfortable with labels and grouping one another.  We go crazy without classifications!  (Which is actually a whole ‘nother blog….coming very soon).

But for the love of Kanye, don’t rush!  Get to actually know a person beyond the crush phase…because more often than not, people are a big fat facade of what you actually think they will be like (that can be a good OR a bad thing).  Once you are actually in said relationship, it will be much harder for everyone to just get up and walk away.  I suppose dating is kind of like that 30 day time frame you have to return stuff to the store.  Try that mutha f*cka out!  It looked nice and shiny in the store, but is it really a practical purchase?  After those 30 days, it’s MUCH harder to get a return.  And even if you do, it’ll probably be store credit or something lame like that.  

If you do decide finally, that yes, you want to keep your new item, good for you!  But now comes the hard part, staying happy with the item you now have.  Cherishing that item.  Making sure you don’t just throw the item away in a month or 2.  (Sometimes I really get carried away with these metaphors, why doesn’t anybody ever stop me?)

Making relationships work is probably one of the hardest things we as humans have to do in life.  Everyone is so darn different!  I know I have been in bad relationships before when I was younger, so I guess we all have to go through some sort of trial period...but my gosh! After a while we have to realize that some things just do not work.  I suppose the best way to give advice is from experience?  I NEVER ever try to talk about my relationships on any sort of media (except when I'm indirectly ranting of course, ha!) I suppose this is also a good tip to keeping things between the two people that matter the most in relationships...the people in it of course!  The more people who know about your business, the more they will have to say about it, and try to influence you on matters that don't really concern them.  Perhaps instead of taking every single thing to the public, we can use that same energy and let's say... talk to the person we are with?  I swear people, the main "advice" (if you wanna call it that) I have is complete communication!  In every regard.  Most people fail because they lie to each other about who they really are.  Don't worry people, there is someone for everyone!  We don't have to lie to fit with someone who isn't compatible.  Be open and honest always.  If so, you will have no troubles.  If you do find that you aren't really compatible when you are yourselves, end that crap quick!  Why prolong?   Too many people stick around because they don't know how or are afraid of the aftermath or blah, blah, blah.  It's like ripping a knife out a wound... just do it!  The blood will gush out a bit, but cover it with gauze and it'll be fine in a few weeks.  And you will have fresh new skin!  Maybe still a nasty scar, but you can put Mederma on it.  Here I go with these metaphors again! Seriously people, why do you allow it!

All in all, falling in love is supposed to be fun more than anything.  Have fun!  Don’t take it too seriously, shouldn’t be anything you need to cry over if you make sure you keep the communication lines open.  We all deserve to be happy.  We all deserve to be with someone we are compatible with.  Don’t settle for anything less.  Because you’re are worth it! L’oreal!  

p.s.  More topics are always appreciated!  (Since I do this every week, I feel like I may run out of things to say!)

p.p.s There is supposedly some major snow storm coming on the east coast tonight and tomorrow….Glad I’m on the west coast!  Stay tuned for my video :)