Compromising Situations + Sacrificing Limitations 

This year is moving by at light speed...light speed I tell ya!  I feel like just yesterday was New Years Eve!  I hope everyone is sticking to the goals they've set for themselves.   In addition to the not working for anybody thing, I also told myself I was going to write every single day in a journal with 365 pages.  So far I suppose I've been writing "every day" (meaning, when I miss a day, I go back to write what happened... so still technically not missing any days).  Anywho, I'm just glad I didn't make any goals like "work out everyday" or "eat healthier"... hahahaha! Imagine me working out and eating healthy!  Crap, now I sound super unhealthy and out of shape. Blah, maybe I'll integrate that a little I suppose.

But I'm getting off topic!  Back to the topic at hand.  Compromise!  Everybody hates that darn word...I know I sure do.  I never wanna compromise anything.  I just want my way! But in order to get the things you want in life, there will have to be some of another word you probably hate.


Ugh!  Why can't we just have our cake and eat it too?  What the hell good is cake that you just sit there and stare at?  I wanna eat! I'm sure we can all relate to a current situation in our life in which we have to compromise something.  It's always hard.  The situation I am faced with right now is the fact that, well, I no longer have a steady source of income.  I no longer get a paycheck every week (no matter how minuscule my paychecks were, I knew I could count on them consistently).  I still think it's darn crazy that I just quit with absolutely no sort of backup.  Some may even say I should have just stayed at the job, but worked less... as a compromise.  Me leaving has obviously proven that is one thing I do NOT like to do at all.

But alas fellow readers, how will I make money now?  It's not just gonna fall from the sky!  I suppose I have to compromise a LITTLE.  But ugh! I figure that all of the more popular blogs in the world are mostly about fashion and celebrity gossip.  Which is not at ALL what my blog is about.  But those are the kinds of blogs that make money.  Also, the kinds of videos that make money are all freakin gimmicky and crap.  One thing I am not willing to budge on at all is my content.  My content is amazing!  I just don't want to end up being a sell out in order to get my amazing content out there ya know?  I wonder if I join the illuminati.... eh, never mind.

This blog kinda reminds me of another blog I had recently about "if you can't beat em, join em...then defeat em".  But joining them and beating them is a temporary thing.  I don't wanna get sucked into the black hole of being a typical popular money making blog!  I have to figure out some way where I can do what I want and still be lucrative somehow.  I just have to figure out what I want to sacrifice to actually get to where I wanna be.  Sleep maybe?  I suppose I could try to wake up a bit earlier.  But I've been through this struggle before!  Buuuut, I know if I really put my mind to it, I could get up during the day and get so much more accomplished.

Blah.  I guess we all have to sacrifice something every now and then.  It sucks, but hopefully what you give up won't even matter when everything you desire aligns in pure perfection.

Think of what you need to sacrifice to achieve your goals.  Compromise so you won't have to give up EVERYthing, but make it work for you.  Nobody like it, but do it! It'll be worth it.

p.s. Go watch my new youtube video as well! It's all coming together people...slowly...SLOW AS FFF... but surely.

p.p.s. keep those emails coming!  I always need new blog topics, and I LOVE reading stuff that isn't spam.