Hello everyone!

Happy Monday! Dang, today really snuck up on me. It's been a crazy week to say the least. In addition to still not knowing what I'm going to be doing about my living situation, I have more news that is pretty life changing.

I quit my job!

Yea, let that marinate. The job I've been working at for almost half my time living in NYC will be no more by Christmas Eve. Now... I know my decisions can be super rash sometimes. I agree! It was sort of a sudden impulse, but I believe I had good reasons for doing what I did. Let me tell y'all!
(Not sure what kind of confidentiality agreements I may or may not have signed with this company, so I'll speak a bit vaguely. Once I find out that I didn't sign one, I'm making a damn expose'!)

It all began around last year May... I had been working with the company for about a year. I would like to say I was one of the better employees who knew what I was doing and didn't screw up. Not sure if some of you remember, but last year around May is when I suddenly had to leave my Washington heights apartment because the rent went up and everyone in the apartment couldn't afford it, so we had to ALL move that month.  I asked my manager about a $2 dollar raise. They said I would have to have an evaluation and they would let me know. Blah. ( I think they actually train managers to dodge raise talk from employees) They were taking VERY long to get around to discussing my raise, and I eventually had to leave the city because I couldn't find any place to move that fast.  I actually transferred WITHIN the company to the hamptons location ONLY because they provided housing. When I saved up and moved back to the city, I came back to the city location. I had saved up enough to pay rent for a few months so I was living fine.  Around last December is I think when I asked for a raise again.  They made up some excuse about how I was technically a new employee again so I had to wait at least 3 months to get reevaluated -___-

In the meantime, I started working for both of their city locations because they asked me to come help out at the other one. I was personally asked to come to the other location mind you.  I was even asked how much I wanted to make.  I told them an amount that would be a 4 dollar raise than what I was getting (hey, why not).  After I signed the wage form, I was told that I can't make 2 different amounts at 2 different places because it was still the same company. Ahhhh. I asked if I were to get a raise at the other location, would I get one here too. I was told yes, so I continued working for both. Three months later I eventually got my measly 2 dollar raise I had been trying to get for the last YEAR! Everything was fine.

As you all my also know, around August is when I stopped working at the first location I was hired.  I had just been working for the second location at this point.
Going about my life for the past few months, I had been getting direct deposit, so I wasn't seeing my actual checks.....

So here comes the kicker.  As you know, when you look for a new apartment, you have to show pay-stubs.  I asked my HR lady if I could have access to see them online.  To my utter and sheer terror, I found out that after I left the first location, they LOWERED my pay BACK down to what it originally was when I FIRST started working for them... 3 damn years ago!

You can believe I was a wee upset. I immediately went to go speak with the general manager (Who mind you has also been the general manager at the first location and beach location, so he should know my struggle).  When I spoke with him the day I found out, he seemed.... Irritated with me.  He actually sounded rather cold in the way he explained I should have been keeping track of everything. He also seemed annoyed that I wanted to know what to do about clocking in the next day.  He even said if I didn't want to come in tomorrow because of this than don't, but he wouldn't know any answers for probably a week.

Oh yea? This is how you treat a long time employee??? Who has been lied to about their money???? Like, there was no remorse! Rather, I was met with this response?? I just can't with this company! The employees are treated like straight crap. It's like if you aren't a manager, you are a bottom feeder!  I wanted to quit right then and there... In his face! I took a breath and called some friends who talked me down off of that ledge.  I decided to speak with HR again in person the next day.  Basically they told me since it was 2 different places, when I left the other one, they lowered it down. (But remember how they couldn't give me the 4 dollar raise because it was the SAME company? Ok)

HR lady was sympathetic at least. She understood that I was lied to... Bamboozled... Deceived!  She said that she would be able to do retro pay for the months my pay was lowered without my knowledge, but moving forward, the company couldn't afford to pay me what I was making at the first location... 2... Damn... Dollars! I've seen paperwork on this place, they comp enough food and drinks to pay me for a month in one night! Of all the areas to "save money" you do it on the employees? This place doesn't even give staff meals everyday! We don't get shift drinks either.  I came to the place where I worked to eat in the restaurant ONE time with another person who also worked for them. You wanna know what they comped for me? Their faithful employee? ONE glass of our wine. Not even both though?? I tell you, I have just really been fed up with the corporate politics of this damn place.  You would think they had STANDARDS to uphold, but nope. 

I just feel so completely disrespected and lied to. I'd rather be homeless and eat out of the garbage than continue working for people like that. I told them my last day would be Christmas Eve. It's really a shame, because the friends I've made working here will be LIFE long friends of mine. But some of them just don't know their worth, and keep working without fighting for change because they are scared of losing their job.

I say to everyone... NEVER sacrifice your self respect. Know your worth! I know the job market is tough, and so do these companies, but someone has to take a stand or nothing will ever get better.  Since working there, my rent has nearly tripled, but they expect me to work for the same pay? Inflation mutha f*ckas! People can't live like that! Demand the respect you deserve people. You don't have to be as extreme as me, but for real, it's not right to put up with this.  It's just like being in a bad relationship kinda.  If you know you aren't being treated right, why put up with it?  Yes there will be arguments, but damn! If you aren't being treated with the respect that you know you deserve, get out now. You are worth more than that. So much more.

Not sure what will happen with me moving forward, but I'm excited. Change is good sometimes.  I took the same leap of faith moving to NYC, so I know it will all work out.  Stay tuned for the revolution people.

Also, if any current or past employees are reading, please comment! Anonymously if you like :)

P.s. Did you know that Hugh Hefner quit his job because they wouldn't give him a 5 dollar raise? He went on to publish his first copy of Playboy.

P.p.s tonight is the annual Christmas staff party for the company. I plan on getting very drunk.