Hello world hehe I don’t know this is weird. Did you catch that? Did you catch that I don’t know this is weird. Did you type in hello world? What are you typing? ughhhhhhh. Stop! Okay, go back. 

Well as you can tell by now, it is not actually me typing. For the first time in my blog history I have a transcriber! This is weird man, STOP. anyway, They’re typing literally every- all of my inflections. Right now I’m getting dressed (that’s why I have a transcriber) for a business venture of sorts, you could say (more to come on that next week). Not quite sure how it’s gonna turn out, but i’m going to go check it out because…why not?  

Because you know after Christmas Eve, I will no longer have a job. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy Chanukah!  Happy Kwanzaa!

Alright um, what was I about to say? I was gonna talk about something I was thinking about it in the shower but I forgot. Oh yeah. um. It’s hard to word this. 

The quote for the day is “if you can’t beat em, join em. Then defeat them” and it’s true. Because it’s exactly what I’m doing at this very moment as far as a job is concerned. Over this past week I have been watching a lot of documentary films and I’m trying to find a way that I could protest and fight the power, stick it to the man, without getting murdered by the government. So I’ve decided to come up with a plan: IYCBEJETDT, gotta work a bit on the acronym title to make it a bit more internet friendly but that’s it for now. 

OK, I’ve decided to type for myself now:

The more I think about it, the more I feel like I was put here to help people think differently about certain situations going on in this crazy mixed up world.  i know it may seem very far fetched to do so being little ole me, just one measly person.  But who knows, maybe that’s why more people don’t speak out.  Fear holds us all back! I admit, It holds me back a little too.  Fear of everything from failure, to not being understood, to being punished!  But that is why we have to fight in such a way that’s….well…. kind of sneaky!

Do you all remember when I talked about the selfie epidemic a few blogs ago?  How I stopped taking selfies on instagram and what not to “prove something”? Well, I’ve recently decided to maybe restructure my thinking to get more people involved. Maybe I SHOULD actually post some selfies.  Some really nice ones.  Maybe even with my professional camera.  That would definitely gain more attention (even though that’s not the ideal way I would like to gain it).  But then with the growing popularity that selfie likers give, I could THEN implement my statements about how I feel about them on a more board spectrum.  Sneaky right!

I suppose this way isn’t all that bad if you just stay focused on your goal.  Even relating to my work situation….  I hated the company for a while before I actually quit, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t stay there to gain more evidence in the fight I would need against them, so i stuck around!  Sometimes, you can’t take down something without first joining forces with it.  That may sound a bit grim, but it’s true.  I would never use it in the purely vindictive sense of course, but in the case of social problems and big business, I feel as though this is a great way.  Think about it!

Anywho, this post will be short because I actually forgot it was Monday and I have to run!  What a very hectic holiday week!  Peace everyone!  And I have one more blog before the New year, so if you have suggestions, let me know!

P.s.  I have no NYE plans, ahhhh!

p.p.s. I want a Christmas tree :(