Honest T + cliche' NYE

So this is officially my last blog post of the year. My how time flies! This past week, besides my last day of work, it was Christmas! Christmas didn't feel like Christmas... As usual. I think it stops feeling like that when your parents stop giving you wrapped presents under a tree claiming it's not from them. Maybe it starts feeling like it again when you have kids of your own! Anywho, the next major holiday, New Year's Eve, is always pretty traumatic if you ask me.  We scramble around trying to find the perfect thing to be doing at the exact moment it switches over. So overhyped! Just like birthdays.  So much freakin climax until... It happens... And then it's over. Meh.

I know that everyone always wants to make a bunch of resolutions and whatnot. And I'm no exception! I just wanna say, whatever resolution you make, make sure it's realistic (to your own standards). I HATE the quit smoking or quit drinking ones (even though I LOATHE smoke), only because no one is ever really serious about that. AT all. And if you are, why pick New Years as an excuse?

Idk, I just think pick something that could be a year-wise goal. But do what you want! I know you will anyway.

Another thing I wanted to talk about in my last post of the year, honesty.  Not sure why this was on my mind this past week, but I feel as though so many of the problems in this world can be avoided if people were just a little bit more honest. I mean, ofcourse there is a lie here and there every once in a while, but overall, why aren't we more honest with one another about our feelings, intentions, desires, thoughts? The truth is definitely scary, I agree. It's hard to tell people the truth.  Especially the ones you love, and ESPECIALLY if it's something you think might make them change the way they feel about you, but comeoooon. It feels so relieving to just be honest.  You won't have to sneak around or hide. You can speak freely. It's pretty awesome.  Think of the best friend that you currently have....

Now think of how much they know about you.  Do you keep many secrets from them? Probably not! And how good does that feel? Amazing right! Such a stress reliever!  I don't understand how people can be in relationships where they lie to each other or keep things. Isn't that just exhausting?? Ugh. The truth is great. I think we should all practice using it much more often.

But don't be too abrasive with it! A lot of people confuse honesty with rudeness.  There is a way to say things to people as to not offend them, ya know?

Oh well guys and dolls, I'm just trying to spread a little advice across the land.  Let me know what you are gonna be doing on New Years! I have no plans as of yet : /

But something free!

P.s. I already have a new sorta kinda job haha.  Maybe I will tell about it in the next blog....

P.p.s. So apparently on Christmas Day there was a huge flight sale... My friend told me about it, and I immediately went online.  Round trip flights to Abu Dhabi from NYC were as low as $187!! I thought about it wayyyy too much, and by the time I checked back, prices went back up to about a thousand. -______-

I'm still mad!