Charity and YOU

Hello earth citizens!  It's me Bretony, of course.  It's always me (unless otherwise noted).  Anywho, life this past week has been pretty freakin stressful! To say the least!  Where do I begin....

Ok, so me and my very good friend have been semi sorta looking to move to a 2 bedroom apartment, which would be a little closer to the city for me, and also for her since she lives very far. So we've been casually looking, and last week we actually went looking at the same batch of apartments.  We found one that was amazinggggg!  It's huge! On the top floor of a 3 story townhouse type of thing, very high ceilings, 2 bedrooms, with one extra space (my friend said we should make that the living room, I think maybe a 3rd bedroom if someone needs somewhere to stay), and also another little extra room which can be used as a music room/ work out room/ make up room, whatever.  I actually made a list, prior to looking for places, of a bunch of qualifications I would like in my ideal apartment...and this place had everything but 2 things! (one of which was a swimming pool, so that obviously wasn't a deal breaker)  This is our dream apartment!

The only thing, it is out of our budget that we had set for ourselves.  I'm not in the situation like I was last year where I had saved up from my summer job.  All I really have is my current rent, my backup emergency rent fund (which is cash under my mattress), and the double security I put down when I first moved in.  This is technically enough to move, but the security deposit money is not physically in my hands, so can I really count that? And also, everyone knows my disdain for the entire NYC housing enterprise as a whole. From the process of renting (proving we make 40 times the rent, application fees, credit check fees, broker fees, guarantors! ugh!), to the skyrocketing rent prices, it's all a bunch of hocus pocus!

In addition to allllll of this, my current landlord texts me asking me to resign the lease (with the increased rent price).  I hadn't told him I didn't plan on resigning.  If I do stay past the first (which is TODAY), I will have to use this money I was going to put towards moving, to keep staying where I am, or worse, I risk losing my security deposit.  Why must New Yorkers live in constant fear of rent hikes every damn freakin year???  Can we live in peace???

Oh, and it was Thanksgiving.

Just very, very stressful times.  It made me start a Gofundme campaign.

(which is HERE if you want to go see it... nobody donated anything though -___-)

So I started the campaign to see if any super rich people wanted to toss me over some pocket change so I can live stress free for a year.  I thought it was a pretty good idea!  After I finished writing it up, I looked at a bunch of other Gofundme stuff.  There are a lot of people in this world who need help!  Like, SERIOUS freakin help.  It made me start thinking about charity and giving.  I've never been one to ask people for money.  Even if I was in dire need, I never ever would directly ask anyone I knew for ANYTHING.  I just wouldn't do it.  But how do we get the people who actually CAN help us, to listen to us?  How do the wealthy decide which charities need help the most?  Who should we give to when everyone is in need??  I am very torn on this subject people.  Literally everyone is in need.  How do we help everyone without categorizing the severity of their problems?  Because in the end, whose to REALLY say what's worse?

Also, while I was doing some more digging into looking for donors to help me with my campaign, I noticed that most super rich people just give to actual charitable organizations rather than individuals.  I'm not sure my stance on charity organizations per-say, but I always wonder where the money goes.  How does it get dived up.  How do they decide who is eligible? All these hoops people have to jump through, just to get basic life necessities is insane.  The wealth in this world is so unevenly spread out that it sickens me.  A rich person could have a certain amount in the bank, never even being thought of, that could completely change the lives of people less fortunate.

In light of thinking of all this,  I realized that it is so much more of a blessing to give than receive.  Even a person like me who really doesn't live fancy or have much savings, I some how make it work for myself (and I seriously HONESTLY... DO NOT KNOW HOW).  I should be more helpful to others.  More giving.  The cycle of life will come around.  Instead of shopping for Black Friday, Cyber Monday... could you have given to someone in need?  For Christmas this year, I think I want to give more instead of worry about where I will GET stuff from.  Give and you shall receive!  I know it's hard to determine who is most in need, but hopefully something inside will speak to you. Just go with your gut.  It also doesn't even have to be monetary! If you have time, food, clothes, a kind word to spare, you can give that.

Don't get me wrong, my Gofundme campaign is still Hereeee for yall.  I still very much would like to move.  But also check out some other campaigns.  Giving has no limits :)

I will definitely be updating you next week, since today is the first, and something has to be done TODAYish.  Mehhhhh.  I'm still a bit stressed.


P.s. I want a Christmas tree :(

p.p.s email me!