To be or not to be...YOURSELF!  + being "fake deep"

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!  Also, happy Thanksgiving when it comes.  I'm working on Thanksgiving, but oh well, hopefully I will get food?? I better get some damn food if I'm working in a damn restaurant on fkcn Thanksgiving though, wtf?? As you can see, I get a little irate speaking on this subject.  There just better be turkey! Anywho, I've also decided that my new years resolution for next year will be to no longer work for "the man".  Working for the man for me entails clocking in, clocking out, getting a weekly paycheck, and following the rules and guidelines of a particular establishment.  After this year, I'm done with all of that bull crap!  I want to start building my own business, and not have to rely on someone else to survive.  I know it sounds like a crazy idea, and I know I don't really have any solid business plans, but creative people are...well... creative! I'm sure I will think of something.  Also, I've (roughly) completed ever single New Years resolution I've set for myself over the past 5 years:

2010 - Move to Manhattan

2011 - Get a Mac

2012 - * I forgot, but I'm sure I did it*

2013 - Get my own apartment

2014 - Get 3 stamps on my passport

2015 - Work for myself

So in theory, I should be a little Oprah by the end of next year!

Anywho, getting into my topic for the day, being true to yourself!  And by that I mean being true to your TRUE self.  I semi feel like I've kinda sorta talked about this subject maybe a little bit before, but probably not in depth.  So many people live their lives not being true to themselves and/or trying to force themselves to be something they are not.  Once we just embrace the people who we really are inside, our lives will get so much easier!  Once we figure out that thing we are, we can begin to restructure how we act, think, and live!  It does take time to realize that you have been living a lie.  It's also a harsh reality to face sometimes, and people are leery of changing their whole lives around.  But sometimes change is the thing we need the most.
I will give some examples of how people are not true to their TRUE selves....starting with myself!

So, when I first moved to NYC, I believed in the statement "The early bird gets the worm" and all that jazz.  I felt like I had to be up very early...with the sun...even though I stay up late alllll the time.
Like seriously, when I was a kid (maybe 6 or 7),  me and my dad would watch scary movies in the middle of the night because he knew I was still awake.  I thrive at night!  Despite all of that, I tried to fit in with the rest of society by getting a 9-5 desk job. BIG mistake. HUGE.  I was ALWAYS late.  I ALWAYS fell asleep at work.  It was terrible, but I thought it's what I just had to do!  After I got fed up with the torture,  I decided to look for a night job.  It changed my life!  I no longer had to force myself to wake up at the ungodliest of hours.  I could stay up all night still, and sleep during the day.  It was perfect!  And it all began when I stopped trying to force something that I just simply wasn't.

Another example is relationships.  Now I'm not one to give relationship advice.  I feel as though every situation is unique, but I will say that relationships are always doomed if you aren't honest about who YOU truly are.  Some people are married for YEARS because they think it's just what you have to do in life.  If you know that you are not the monogamous type of person that most people look at as "desirable" in a typical relationship, why pretend like you are?? There are so many other options.  You could find someone who shares your beliefs rather than misleading someone who doesn't.  You could have an open could be a swinger!  Whatever floats your boat.  Sometimes the truths we discover about ourselves may hurt to actually say out loud.  Just look deep inside, and when you are ready to share with the world, just know you will be so much happier. And so will everyone around you!

I would also like to talk about an interview with Jayden and Willow Smith that I skimmed over.  Now, let me begin by saying, I love these 2...especially Willow because she looks just like my niece! I would also like to say that these kids are just that, kids.  When you are that young, I suppose you are still figuring out many things about yourself, so it's kind of hard to be true to yourself when that SELF is always changing and figuring out what it actually wants to become. I guess the vibe they are going for now is... super extra far removed from societal normalcy? One of the comments of the interview proclaimed that the 2 were "fake deep".  Ha ha! I actually really like that term for some reason.  Some people really do try to be "fake deep" because that makes them seem... smarter I'm guessing?  Fake deepness is an emerging new popular trend.  Some may even think that this blog may be fake deep at times!  Well, maybe!  But these are really just random ramblings in my head that I go back and forth with all day anyway.  Trust me, there is plenty of undeep stuff in my head too.  Which I also write about sometimes! Point is, don't try to be fake deep to seem intriguing.  If it's truly in your head, fine, but it's also cool to be ditzy. Or atleast I think so.  I think I'm pretty ditzy sometimes.  Being deep takes too much emotional energy anyway.  Sometimes I just wanna chill, relax and have fun! Ahhhhhhh!

Anywho, that's it for this Monday guys!

P.s. I accidentally went to a mall (Atlantic Terminal...that's kind of a mall right?) on Saturday evening, and IT. WAS. TERRIBLE!!! So darn crowded! Go the hell online and buy some crap people, dang!

P.p.s. What are some of YOUR new years resolutions?? Do you ever stick to them?