Less is so much more!  (most of the time)

Hey guys! It's Monday again!  ( I'm really trying to stick to this Monday thing so I can have atleast ONE consistant thing going on in my life besides stupid work).  Anywho, this past week, a few of my friends from my job told me that they read my blog!  ANDDD they actually like my blog!  I couldn't help but to smile from ear to ear.  I actually think that people in this day and age don't read much of anything anymore.  It's all about the visual.  Shorter and shorter visuals at that!  People didn't have enough patience for a whole youtube video so they made vine for an even shorter attention span.  But oh wait, vine got to be too long too, so now there is snapchat.  A few seconds and it's gone and forgotten.  What about books people!  No, not articles online....NO not a buzzfeed list.  A freakin book!  (I'm guilty myself so let me stop playin', but I did use to really love this teen fiction series by Scott Westerfield... until I read them all )

In light of me sounding so disappointed with today's misuse of technological advances of which I am also guilty, I will now get into today's blog topic!

Less being more...

I may be dating myself a bit with this next question, but does anyone remember when Facebook first came out? When you had to have a college ID, you could only put up ONE main picture, and all you had was a wall for people to write?  So simple...so... genius!  the momentum for Facebook became insane because of it's simple interactive features.  It was absolutely perfect like that if you asked me.  People though much more about what ONE picture they could upload to show the world...to represent themselves without having to say a word.  Now... man oh man.... I definitely feel so freakin old because of all these new darn features and functions.  I'm in my dang 20s!  I should not feel lost on the internet.  I grew up on the internet! Even after Facebook, most of the other sites on the internet followed suit.  It's changed so much to the point where I have no clue how to navigate most things.

Everything has gotten way out of hand.  Why do the higher ups think that adding all of these things will ultimately make it better?  Why do they think we want all of these frilly unnecessary things?  I mean, I don't know about everyone else, but I don't.

                                           ***It's all about the muth fkcn money****

As I was thinking about my disdain for the "new wave" internet, I began to relate the less is more, core original idea theme to the things in my life.  Such as my Gettin' By show.  Does anybody remember that super awesome show?  It was so awesome right??  I remember putting those episodes out every Thursday.  However jankey they may have been (and some of them were pretty jankey).  But everyone loved them, and kept on watching.  Of course over the years, I wanted to improve and improve, as far as the quality of video, the content of video...over all outline of the episodes.  I took all of the input from people and the show has since changed quite a bit.  Now a days, I feel as though the raw natural aspect of the videos is lost in translation of my improvements. How is that?  How did that even come about?  I still pride myself on trying to keep it as simple and as off the cuff as possible, but things just never seem to align the way that they use to.  I need to figure out a way to keep all of the raw lovable aspects of the ORIGINAL ideas that I had.  They were great!  Why would I ever try to change that?

Don't you just hate when there is something you love in life and it randomly tries to change to keep up with everything going on? Less was more right? Think about it people, it relates to so many things.

Whenever you think something in your life is getting a bit out of hand, think about how all of the frills are making it more complicated.  Go back to the basics!  The structure of the thing.  The woodwork!  There was a reason the original idea did so good to begin with.  Because it was simple...and honest.  Hello people... honesty!  Bretony speaks the TRUTH!  Be true to the original simplistic beauty of your raw ideas and they will flourish if your focus is not lost.

That's why I'm glad I have had this blog for so long.  Same concept as when I first began almost 10 years ago!! (more like 8, but ALMOST 10)
Just write what I feel.  Write what I think.  Write what's going on in my life.  I haven't succumb to the "popular trends" of other blogs.  Haven't given into the "how to bring more traffic to your blog" blogs.  I frankly don't care!  The people who do read, I appreciate.  I don't want to incorporate gimmicks or tricks to get readers.  What kinda life is that?  If you like it, you like it.  If not, peace in the middle freakin east bro.  (Obviously I'd be a horrible salesperson)

Not really sure what else there is to say! Keep reading, keep trucking, and keep giving me feedback pleaseeeeeeee.

p.s. I say less is more MOST of the time because when it comes to food, less is not more! Also, when it comes to elaborate closets.... less is more is a case by case type of thing.